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Power BI dashboards

See clearer. Make better decisions.

Simplify your data sets into intelligent dashboards. View all your key performance metrics in visuals. Focus on relevant information. Never miss any discrete data points. See all of them on a single screen.

Why mPower BI dashboards?

Because complex reporting can be made simple and easy. mPower BI dashboards make it easy to visualise your data, analyse trends and prepare actionable insights. Make more informed decisions faster.


Brings TCO down by 25.7%

With no hosting expenses & subscription-based pricing, mPower BI dashboards are for everyone — from data analysts to decision-makers — across all functional areas and all skill levels.


Get Insights faster by 27%

With a low code/no code report, business users get actionable insights into data within seconds. With AI-driven point–and–click-experience get actionable intelligence on your business data faster.


ROI of 271% over 3 years

Empower your employees by enabling more meaningful information from their business data. Provide them with the focus and time for more valuable tasks than complex data analysis. Realise your returns on investment quicker.

Supercharge your business intelligence by enabling easier data-driven decisions

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Data to Dashboard — Streamlined and Simplified.

Break down your data silos, centralize, streamline, and analyze.
Share sensible reports. Succeed in a secure environment.


SQL, Oracle, Excel


Your Saas Stack
tools + apps


Power BI secure cloud enviroment




Excel, Word, Power Point

Easy to use. Simple to share

Connect seamlessly across all your Microsoft products. Share your insights in a single click. All your analytics are protected in a safe and secure environment.

Single sign-on across Microsoft products

Get access with your Microsoft credentials without having to sign in separately. Save time your without compromising security.

Excel and
pdf exports

Be it your daily analysis or a periodic management meeting, present your information with single-click standard exports.

Teams sharing enabled

Communicate your insights and collaborate on your data-driven decisions over chat or calls without leaving the Microsoft teams.

Data drill-down

Slice and dice your data by diving deeper into the data. Diagnose issues at granular levels. Take action with comprehensive insights.

Source data

Collate data from all your different data sources across any tools or apps. Be it databases, spreadsheets, cloud services, or even raw text files.

In-built data

Protect your analytics and the data in a secured environment and allow access only to your authorised team members.


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