All your key HR metrics at hand all the time

A daily rundown from recruitment to retention in a dashboard view. Measure and manage your HR budgets effectively. Break down your complex employee data sets into simple and effective graphs. Keep your crucial indicators like cost-per-hire, and time-to-hire in check. See how your training is impacting your organisation. See insights at the employee level in our HR dashboard. Build consistency in reporting to your team.

How can our Power BI dashboards for HR benefit you?

With preconfigured Human Resource Management KPIs, you can easily visualise and optimise your HR department’s data through interactive graphs, tables and charts.


Active Employees, Employees on Leave, New Joiners, Separations, Total Employee Strength, Unique Employees by Region/Position, Pay Policy, Performance Score, Working Hours, Health & Safety

Payroll & Benefits

Stock Status, Purchased Stocks, Aging Inventory, Inventory Value

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