Provide a stable financial environment to your organisation

Monitor financial health. Validate figures faster. Keep track of mission-critical financial KPIs. Manage cashflows effectively — every day. Analyze revenue growth, net profit margin, expenses, and budget variance in great detail. Take proactive financial decisions. Detect deviations and discrepancies in advance. Outperform your financial objectives.

How can our Finance Power BI dashboard benefit you?

Individuals of all skill levels can make informed financial decisions using the mPower finance BI dashboard, as it is configured with widely followed financial KPIs.

Income Statement

Total Revenue/Gross Profit, Previous Vs Actuals, Quarterly Summary Comparison, Annual Revenue Insights

Balance Sheet

Annual Comparison, Assets & Liability Insights

Cash Flow Statement

Net Cash flow, Itemized Grouping(Finance/Investment/Operational Cash items), Annual/Quarterly/Weekly Comparison, Cash in and Cash out projections.

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