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Many companies encounter significant challenges related to data silos, where data is often stored in separate systems that cannot be integrated with one another, preventing a comprehensive view of the company’s operations and performance. This lack of integration can significantly limit the organization’s corporate governance capabilities, making it challenging for business leaders to make informed decisions based on accurate, complete, and timely data.


A tool like Power BI addresses these issues by providing a user-friendly, cloud-based platform for analyzing and visualizing data. It integrates with a wide range of data sources, provides real-time insights, and offers a rich set of analytical tools and features. Power BI also offers robust data governance capabilities, making it easier for organizations to ensure data accuracy and security. Power BI enables an organisation to gain insightful data analytics empowering the business leaders and employees to take better data-driven decisions. 


Ideally, companies could integrate Power BI and develop comprehensive data visualization systems across all departments, but the reality is often more complex, and achieving this level of integration can be challenging. Companies invest significant time and resources, either internally or through external partners, in constructing effective data visualization systems. 


This is the problem we at V-Solve are solving through our mPower BI dashboards. We have created pre-configured standard analytics reporting dashboards for all types of business across all departments and all skill levels in the Microsoft PowerBI platform. Irrespective of the data sources, tools and business applications, we unify, streamline, and simplify the data sets. Convert them to dashboards that give the business leaders a bird’s eye view of the operations and performance. 

We facilitate business leaders, analysts, managers, and employees across functions to visualise their complex data sets in a simpler way, gain insights faster and make decisions better.

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